Portal Races

Portal races are very populair among some groups. It is a race from any given place to annother. And can take as long as one hour or several weeks. Because of the dangers that are involved portal races are often small groups against other small groups.

Portal races are forbidden in the following countries:

*It is not sure if it is illegal to participate in a portal race in Felosial but you are likely to get shot if you find yourself there whithout an appointment.

Despite the fact thats illegal in these countries there are portal races in every country on Limanoa.

Some organised races, legal or illegal, have a planed route others set only the destination. Because of the length of a single race bigger portal race organisations (again: legal or illegal) have several races running at the same time. A portal race is also used to settle disputes among individuals or groups. Or a way to settle a debt or bet.

Portal Races

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