Kluimo lies in the northen center of Limanoa. Flanked by mountains east and west and borderd by water north and south.


Gem Valley
The pointy flats

The Great River
Wurka Ocean

Kluimo a magnicifent country in Limanoa where everybody lived happily. Every city was ruled by a duke. Evry city was on it’s own. After the war was lost to Drognan and Kluimo became part of the Kilova property. No city is free to decide for itself. Barbaric rules and outrages taxes reign in Kluimo. Only Hobgoblins are free to use the portals whenever they like. Only humans truly accepted are the ones that deal with portals such as Portal Masters and Portal Guards. These humans are good friends of the Hobgoblins for the possition of power they have been given and they are not easily turned against there supperiors. Only Portal Guards at dangerous portals recieve true respect from Hobgoblins and even an Hobgoblin would think twice before crossing blades with these guys. Because only Hobgoblins and Hobgoblin merchants are free to travel through Portals they control the biggest part of every market.

Hobgoblins originating from Kilova rule the land. They live of the hard work of humans. Hobgolins are rich, humans are poor and thats the way it has always been. Atleast for a hundred years and thats like three Hobgoblin generations.

Humans still outnummber the Hobgoblins but are kept poor because Hobgoblins all agree that humans are weak and it’s only natural for the strong to extort the weak. Asking for outrages prices for any product. A lot of humans from other countries live here becouse they stumbled on a portal and can’t afford portal travel home or don’t have the currency on hand. If a human goes missing the Hobgoblins really don’t care, other humans are sad but pray that they will find a better life on the other side of the Portal.

Elves and Eladrin are rarly seen in Kluimo and considerd humans in the eyes of the Hobgoblins. There usaly a bit wealthier then the humans becouse they don’t actualy live in Kluimo.

Dwarves only make short visits to Kluimo looking jumpy at the sight of so many Hobgoblins.

Halflings feel fine between the orc’s. They are considered human children wich means they are mostly ignored by orc’s. Wich makes them exelent spies and/or smuglars. But it’s very hard to get a job from Hobgoblin employers. Halfling merchants stay away from Hobgoblin, because the Hobgoblins will “conviscate” there entire inventory if they feel like it.

Tieflings are considered strange but not really noteworthy they come in all size and shapes. Becouse Hobgoblins don’t really know what they are they are treated like humans but with a little more causion.


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