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  • Limanovia

    Places in Limanovia: Do - Lizardmen Dum - Kobold/Lizardmen Da - Kobold/Lizardmen Gloom - Human Steef - Halfling Alark - Human/halfling Spott - Human Anoran - Gnome/Human Soemba - Gnome Anoa - Human/Gnome

  • Sunny Plains

    Sunny Plains is a dessert area and a country in [[Limanoa]] Citties known in Sunny Plains: [[Malona]] [[Soembla]] [[Rock]] Other locations Deserd edge oasis Sun rocks Sun mountains Other things noteworthy The marked Two rivaling orc …

  • Kluimo

    Kluimo lies in the northen center of [[Limanoa]]. Flanked by mountains east and west and borderd by water north and south. Cities: [[Kluizina]] [[Oran]] [[Gumka]] [[Kazamara]] [[Sonarioem]] Mountains [[Gem Valley]] [[The pointy flats]] …

  • D'chipowa

    D'chipowa is a country east of [[Limanoa]]. In the north you can travel to the [[Sunny Plains]] and if you cross the [[Deep Water River]] you will arrive on [[Gem Island]]. Through the [[Rock Rain Pass]] you can cross the mountains to [[Kluimo]]. …

  • Gem Island

    Gem Island is a wealthy island. Next to the continent of [[Limanoa]]. You can get there from [[D'chipowa]]. A boat leaves from [[Dilo]] and [[Deep Water Docks]]. Cities: [[Glim]] [[Ocean Dock]] [[Pondra]] [[Handling]] [[Egemin]]

  • Limmers

    A small rocky countryon in the south-west on the continent of [[Limanoa]]. Mostly Dwarves live here. Cities: [[Mers]] [[Lim]] [[Knieta]] Mountians: [[The Pointy Flats]]

  • Kilova

    This country recieved it's name from [[:drognan-kilova | Drognan Kilova]] for obvious reasons. The country lies in the southern part of [[Limanoa]] south of [[The Great River]]. The countrie is in ongoing war with [[Fellosial]] and mostly inhabitid by …

  • Felosial

    Felosial is an Elven country on the south-east part of [[Limanoa]]. Although it's not big it has survived the war with [[Kilova]] and produced a lot of veteran Elves to defend the country. Becouse of the war the Elves shoot annything that enters there …