A forest outpost

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After defeating the gnolls the adventurers continue to the next room. Here they battle and defeat another group of gnolls with some guard dogs.

In this room there are several coffins. Four small and two large. The small ones are looted the lid of the big ones prove to be to heavy to lift with bare hands. The adventurers decide to chase the final gnoll instead. The gnoll fled above ground and is chased till death in a circle around the island they appear to be on.

The island is in the center of a blue lake across the water the lake is surrounded with needle trees. A broken bridge and a broken boat are found on the island shore. The adventurers find a white circle painted on the floor usually the color of a circle indicates what type of portal it is. But non of the adventurers have ever seen a white portal. After the dead gnoll is tossed in dragnos can’t contain himself and jumps in the portal pulling Shiro with him. Hugo has no choice (due to player absence) but to follow them. The portal flashes white indicating it’s a white portal!? When they exit the portal they fall down in a “portal trap” a big hole beneath the exit portal. In this pit they find another gnoll. This one is hugging the wall in the hope not to be seen. He appears to be wounded. After a short conversation the adventurers decide he is not worth breathing the same air as them and finish of the gnoll.

Spears appear above the pit. A human voice demands they identify themselves. The voice tells them to sit tight while he fetches his chief. The adventurers are blindfolded and taken to their encampment.

The broad shouldered and silver haired leader of the encampment is called Sabre. He hates goblins of all kinds and is focused on restoring the land of Kluimo as property of humans like it was a hundred years ago. And swears he will defeat Drognan and chase all goblins and hobgoblins back over the The Great River where they originally came from.

Now he has to decide what to do with the unwanted adventurers who traveled through the portal. The spies of the encampment have been using the portal to get back from Kluizina to the encampment. The same adventurers who promised the authority of Kluizina to tell them where the portal leads.


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