A History gone wrong

The continent of Limanoa is not what it has been. One hundred years ago things were quiet and peacefull. Until Drognan Kilova the half-dragon, half-Ogre, ruler of the land Kilova appearred and decleared war on Kluimo.

The population from the capitol, Kluizina had fled and a group of adventurers bravely defended the city with the help of Ploy the archer-rogue, Linea the druid, A golom building and riding halfling named Sem and a group of befriended centaurs from the centaur village of Sonarioem. Even though the battle was won the war was not over.

After the battle the adventurers traveled over the Gem Valley mountains to the land of D’chipowa. Where they where betrayed by Anpaff who joined forces with Drognan and infected the citizens of D’chipowa with rat lycantrophy.
After a semingly endless, but victourious war against an entire population of wererats that ended with the death of Anpaff. The adventurers returned to Kluimo to take te war Drognan started to his own doorstep. Unable to cross The Great River the adventurers ventured beneath the river through an abandoned dwarven city.

Soon they realized the underground city was cursed. They went through lots of caverns belonging to differend dwarvenclan houses to collect keys to a large door that would lead to the other side of the river. Unfortunatly they never reached the other side, the adventurers fall to a group of giant cavespiders….

Without the adventurers to stop Drognan the land of Kluimo soon fell to the forces of Drognan.

A hundred years have past since the death of the heroes of Kluimo. Will new heroes come and save the land of Kluimo of this dark period?


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